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Essentiale Forte N has been developed to help improve liver function naturally. Essentiale Forte N combines phospholipids with a vitamin complex to help repairing damaged cellular membrane or building a new one. Essentiale Forte N has been used in Europe for decades as hepatoprotector and recommended by european health professionals for the conditions such as: hepatitis(acute and chronic), toxic hepatitis, medicinal and alcoholic hepatitis, poisonings, hepatic steatosis of different aetiology.

  • Aventis Essentiale Forte 50 caps [300mg/cap]

    Product preview: Aventis Essentiale Forte 50 caps [300mg/cap]

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    Essentiale is a lipotropic agent containing B-complex vitamins with liver protectant effects:
    Essentiale acts on fat metablolism and hastens the remo…

    Brand: Aventis

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